Sky Lights

Carol and I have continued to walk to Ellwood most every day.  The sky has been active and I got some pics for a colorful sky.  I have been trying to upload bigger pics into a popup window and failed over and over either because I don’t know what I am doing or because my blog program lacks the technical ability.  So I have tried again another way.

Below are smaller images of big pics that I hope you can get to by clicking on the BP (big picture) written in below the image…..Let’s see…




 Click on image



 Click on image

Well, I got that to work at little, but I’ll never do it again, not until, at least, I learn how to do it more efficiently. 


2 Replies to “Sky Lights”

  1. Wow, Nick. Your pictures are great. The enlargements worked just fine. What a beautiful sight. Ya’ll are lucky to have such a scenic area to walk in. Thanks for the pics.

  2. Hi Beth–yes, we are damn lucky to live this close to the water. I am starting lately to take more interest in and more appreciative of my surroundings…
    I live in my head too much.

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