Crap—I get up at seven and the first thing I go to do is upload comments students in my classes have written so I can use them in class today.  I asked them to find an ad or something online like a particular site for say Red Bull or one of the thousands of commercials on Utube and write something about what they see and include the URL if they find something on the web…and crap! My blog ain’t working.  I click this and than for almost an hour, give up, and phone Yahoo support.


I am on hold for 25 minutes and on comes this guy I can tell don’t know shit from shinola, and sure enough he doesn’t even know that Yahoo hosts blogs that use Movable Type.  That’s what I use Movable Type—I mean.  So he says he will go off to check something and while he goes off to do that somehow or other I get the blog to work, or maybe it just starts working of its own accord.  How the hell would I know?  So I make him stay on the line while I run through the whole thing again to make sure it works and as soon as I get off the line and try again—it has stopped working again.


I am fit to be tied.  I need this stuff for class.  We were going to look at ads and how they work, and now I don’t know what to do.  It’s like 930 by then and I realize I have, in my panic, forgotten to make my daily morning trip to the pot and if I don’t do that soon I am like going to burst.  So just as I am sitting down to do my business, I hear the answering machine go on in the room next door and it’s the guy at the lawyers who are handling the Tingle Family Trust, and I have to clamp off my process because I just got to take this call.


I mean I sent them the final paperwork 3 weeks ago and I have received no acknowledgement of their having received it and I get worried that maybe the paperwork didn’t get there for some reason because of the fire.  So with my sweat pants down around my ankles (I wear sweatpants for pjs) I rush to the room, almost fall down on some of the junk on the floor and answer the phone.


The guy is apologetic.  He has the paperwork right in front of him and swears it will be sent off today.  OK, I say, and am actually happy to hear it.  But I know in the last bill I receive from them, they will actually charge me for responding to the email I sent asking if they have received the paper work and for making the call because they have done this before and will do it again.  I swear if for some reason they had to piss on me they would charge me for the piss and the time spent pissing.  These lawyer guys are just amazing.


So on top of my ongoing nervous break down, I am having an early morning acute nervous breakdown as a person living in a society that seems to be going through a nervous breakdown.


Here’s the URL for the students’ blog so you can see if you want how they think these days and some of the ads they have found are interesting.

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