Thanks to Brother Steve for telling me there’s stuff in Joan’s old safety deposit box that I can put in the new safe.  I guess we will have to empty out that box sometime in the next few months.  The stuff for the Tingle Family Trust, except for what I expect to be a huge bill from the lawyers, is about wrapped up.  We have to keep Joan’s checking account open for a year after her death in case some bills come due.  Recently Brother Dave paid the City of Escondido for Joan’s last ride in an ambulance. 100 bucks.  But when a person has been dead for a year, you can ignore bills that come in after that by law.

Lawyers!  How did I put it?  If they peed on me, they would charge me both for the pee and the time taken peeing.  I will have to grit my teeth when I pay that final bill.

Brother Dave points out that, if the assistant at Costco could lift our new safe “like a leaf,” what kind of safe could that be.  He has a point.  But as usual I exaggerate.  He was a pretty hefty guy but he didn’t lift it like a leaf.  The thing weighs about 200 punds which is a step in the right direction safe-wise.  Also it comes with some stuff that bolts into the floor.  We have this guy who comes and does handy-person stuff for us.  He’s a nice guy; and we will get him to bolt it down and while he is at it put in a new faucet thing for the kitchen sink because it is leaking slightly.

I refuse to do any handy work around the condo.  I go to Home Depot and get lost; then I come back with the wrong part and have to go back again.  But our handy-guy knows his way around Home Depot. I can still change a light bulb but that’s about the extent of my remaining handy skills.

Went to see my psychiatrist yesterday for a drug consultation.  He lives in a part of SB called the Riviera; his house and all the houses around it must be worth up in the multiple millions.  This cherried-out out Chevy was parked in the place I usually park.  What year is it?  So I had park somewhere else and they don’t like you parking there.  I found a spot where there wasn’t a no parking sign, and one of the owners there coming out of his drive drove by me really, really slowly making sure I knew he had seen me and could identify me should I go into his house and try to steal something from his really huge safe.


But the psychiatrist visit was late, so Carol and I couldn’t walk to Elwood.


This freeway offramp pic suggests we may have missed another blazing sunset. Please note those ridiculous looking non-indigenous palm trees.  Hell, how can you call those things a tree.  Looks like a giant weed to me.


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  1. I don’t know trucks, that was my brothers’ forte. Looks awfully close to a ’50, though. Someone spent some blood, sweat and tears on that one.

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