Lucky Lindy

Carol and I will be heading down to SD via aeroplane tomorrow about mid-morning, I guess.  We just don’t want to drive through LA ever again and especially not now at the Holidays, plus a new airline is flying out of SB that offers rates half as much as American Eagle was charging for there and back.  So we are going the elderly route and will sit on our butts up in the air for a mere 55 minutes before landing at old Lindberg field, named after the Lindberg who flew solo across the Atlantic in what I think was called the Spirit of Saint Louis, though it was mostly built in SD.

I am going along to keep Carol company while she does bank, accountant, broker stuff with her mother’s trust and so they can see me in the flesh and conclude I am not an active terrorist on the basis of my complexion and advanced years.  I don’t look forward to the trip, not for any particular reason maybe, except that I have too much mushroom in me and not like to have my environment changed that much. 

But I will get to see Brother Dave, and Brother Steve, and Sister in Law Teresa, along with their Boys, David and Stephen, and also Stephen’s two kids, Jake and Blake, and wife Julie tomorrow evening.  So we will sit and talk and eat and stay over at Brother Dave’s and head out early Tuesday morning to go up towards Escondido to visit banks and such.

Well, that safe we bought was a real crap out.  We got it bolted it to the floor, and I must say it is really bolted, but then Carol couldn’t get it to lock when she closed it.  So I closed it, with a bang, and it locked, and we unlocked it and Carol tried it again, and it didn’t work.  So I closed it with a bang and gave the handle a jerk, and the damn handle broke right off in my hand—some sort of composite plastic.  That shouldn’t have happened because I am like no Jack LaLanne or something to that effect.  So now we have this useless safe bolted to the floor just when I would like to throw the freaking thing out the window.

I was sorry to hear Cousin Janet has the pneumonia; I had that stuff last fall, I guess it was, and it is nasty and lingers and drains you of energy.  And at the holidays no less….though I must say I have real mixed feelings about the holidays, though I won’t go into that now.

BC sent us the most Christmassy card she could and I must say it is impressively Christmassy.  This picture makes the card seem like a picture in a magazine, but it isn’t—it’s one of those fold out cards with a complete multilayered Christmas scene.  That’s my finger over to the left so you can tell it’s a card because I am holding it and taking a picture of it at the same time, which pretty much maxes out my multi-tasking abilities.





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