High Tide

Christmas morning, Carol and I took a walk along the beach.  I had never seen the tide so high before.  Places where we had sat, plus vegetation, had disappeared.  You can see how the ocean has cut into the sand, making a whole new beach.


The tide was too high for us to walk in our usual direction so we headed in the other direction and came to this spot where the ocean had broken through the beach and was feeding water into the lagoon. 

Looking back towards the ocean.  I had never seen the lagoon so completely full before.
I startled the snowy egret.
We walked for two hours and my legs got tired.  As well as my butt which is attached to my legs. But the walk made for a nice Chirstmas morning. 


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  1. You had “snow” (in egret form) for Christmas. cool. Thanks for sharing your walks. I am greatly impressed by the natural beauty of the area in which you live.

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