Possible Rain

We need rain.  During the fall, rain was predicted several times but did not eventuate.  This time though they may be onto something.  A storm is a-brewing.  I find confirmation in the odd cloud patterns over Elwood.




  And also looking back towards the mountains this strange piano key pattern of clouds, marching across the sky.  This may portend something—at least a change is occurring.




And finally birds are behaving berserkly—moving inland—and driving home I came across this pack of crows, re Hitchcock’s birds, all strung out on a wire.






Tomorrow will tell the tale.


While trying to find a name for those piano key clouds I came across a page with pictures of "rare" clouds.  I swear if I ever saw this one anywhere near where I lived, I would run in side, and go to the basement or dig a basement on the spot and possibly pee myself while doing so:





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