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I made a mistake and deleted the comments from Steve—about posting to the blog—and Lucy Dean about finding my “normal” entry in part hilarious.

But I get spammed every day.  Hundreds and Hundreds of spams sometimes each day. The spam doesn’t show up on the blog because I have a spam detector.  It automatically keeps spam from being posted to the site, for example, when the name of the person trying to post is something like “xyghtz.”  I get an amazing amount of spam from people with names like that.

Maybe these people use names like that because they are embarrassed or trying to conceal their true identities for legal reasons.  I get spam for example from people like “xyghtz” advertising midget sex sites.  Last week for example the spam for midget sex sites was out of control, as if there was some sort of special on midget sex.

Anyway the spam gives me a glimpse into the seamy side of the American libido.  It is a glimpse I could do without.  So nearly every day I try to clean up the spam in my comments.  But the non-spam is mixed right in with the spam and if I am not paying enough attention, as was apparently the case this morning, I may delete non-spam, like Stephen’s and Lucy’s comments, right along with the spam.

Just by way of explanation.  Nothing is wrong with the comment function or with the comments I deleted.  My mistake. 

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