Snow in Greenville!

Cousin Beth reported a couple days back that Snow! was headed for Greenville, SC and vicinity.

And sure enough it hit  Wednesday. 

I found this snowy picture of downtown Greenville on the web.  Looks pretty snowy to me.


Checking out the weather map, I deduce that snow did not make it down to Laurens and vicinity, though they were in for some cold, miserable rain.

I expect that if it snowed in Greenville it had to have snowed also up around Asheville where Jenny Bannister and clan live.  But I could find no pictures of snowy Asheville.

I remember snow in Ora as a child.  In my mind’s eye, I see brother Steve, all wrapped up in snow clothing, running out into the snow and suddenly disappearing because he had fallen into a sort of trench that had been concealed by snow falling on the bushes that surrounded the trench.  Or maybe it was Brother Dave.

This little picture by the late Reverend Alexander has snow in it. My understanding—perhaps incorrect—is that the late Reverend Alexander, having retired, left the Ora area, but came back and took up residence in the house WB built.  He was discovered dead in that house—I have been told—a couple days after his demise.


But that was long ago and far away—in the distant and increasingly dim past.

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  1. I remember that too….I think that trench may have run from the indoor plumbing of the block house to who knows where….a WB jury-rigged septic set up in other words…..I had my fill of snow when I lived in the Sierra foothills….don’t miss it at all really….

  2. Nick, how good to see again the Christmas card from Preacher Alexander! We measured six inches of snow in our yard in Hendersonville Thursday, the first significant snow in the four years we’ve been here. No ice this time, so the power remained on. I’ll send a photo of Lara’s snowman-er-woman, I mean. I saw yellow snow as I walked Sam and Tippy – yellow is a good sign, right?

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