The View from the UCEN

In a comment on my entry—2 years blogging—Brother Dan says he has had fun reading the blog (Thanks Brother Dan) and that also he is very near the anniversary (if that’s the right word) of his stroke that happened February 2 of 2007.  He also notes that the stroke might have carried him off, but it didn’t and he is very happy still to be here.  So am I: happy that he is here.

I am sure that day February 2, 2007, is much more vivid in his mind than mine.  Still funny how memory works, but I remember it quite vividly.  I was at one of those meetings the Writing Program has down in what’s called the UCEN where meeting rooms are located.  From those rooms you can look right out to the lagoon and towards the ocean.

I had stepped outside, at a break, to smoke a bit of a cigarette when my cell went off.  It was clear and bright day, more on the warm side than not.  Brother Dan was on the line, and I could gather from what he said that something had happened and he was now in the hospital.  At first I could follow what he was saying but as he continued I understood less and less; looking back I know aphasia was setting in.  But I didn’t know that at the time.

I went back in the room because the meeting had restarted.  Had I fully grasped the situation, I probably would have gone to the hospital.  But I didn’t and on the way into the room called Carol to see if she could call the hospital for me and clarify.  I sat there the rest of the meeting feel really anxious and out of it.  I was pretty scared.

I don’t remember anything else much about that day.  Just general outlines, sort of.  But funny in my mind’s eye, I can see or feel myself standing outside in the sun, holding a cigarette in one hand and my cell in the other listening as hard as I have ever listened to a phone call.  In my mind’s ear, I can almost hear Brother Dan speaking, but really I can’t.  It feels like those dreams I used to have.  I would pick up a book in the dream, and then I would start to read it, but I couldn’t because I couldn’t see the words.

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  1. February 2007 was rough. I remember getting the call from Nick regarding Dan. Dave and I slept little that night. It was hard being so far away,we just wanted to be with Dan even knowing there was little we could do.
    We love you Dan and are amazed at how far you’ve come.
    Nick I enjoy your blog. Love the way you write.
    When is the book coming out?

  2. I remember Dan was going to be coming down to our house that day….I think to go see Joan? Sure glad he’s still among us a year later. It’s crazy that it’s been a year. We all enjoy your blog, Nick. I know son Stephen reads it as well. I’m not sure about David.

  3. I remember it all, all of it, it is cast like a stone in the though of my mind, ages ago, it was if I took a year off, not really it was a heck of a year, still not done with it yet, another year and it will be old hat….

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