Our Feathered Friends

Funny to think but birds are wild life.  They live so comfortably among us; I guess it doesn’t feel that way.  Maybe they are comfortable living with us because they spend a good deal of time high above us. 

Brother Steve posted on his flicker site a better picture of the blue heron.  At first I couldn’t see it against the rock; here’s a close up:



 Carol and I out walking came across these Canadian Geese.  They have been appearing regularly out on the golf course for several years now.  They stay for quite a while and some locals think perhaps they next out in the cane breaks in the golf course.  I am not fond of them particular.  I call them flying pigs.  When you look out and they are just squatting there—they look like pigs.  Well, that’s not right.  They look more like “hams.”  Flying hams.




 But when they are up and moving around they are much more graceful.


 Brother Dave posted some pics of Balboa Park near downtown San Diego.  The buildings like this one—and I can be corrected—were originally built for a world fair way back when.


 Below that’s a picture of the old gym.  Can’t believe it’s still there.





I would drive down there of a Saturday, way back in 64, all by my lonesome.  Just me and my b-ball. The place was big with four courts as I recollect and smelled like a swamp of human sweat.  I would get into a pick-up game.  The black guys had a whole different game, clean but real hard to the basket.  I was mostly out-classed but got an occasional rebound.


Clarification:  "The Roscoe" is a band in Greenville, South Carolina.  Jack Tingle is a member, accurately identified by Brother Stephen as the guy on the far left, probably because he is the most handsome. 

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  1. I had some slight recollection of Nick and that gym and that’s why I took that picture. I went inside the gym a few months back but didn’t think about the connection then. The same truck was parked outside this morning. Hmmmmm, very strange stuff

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