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I have enjoyed the recent comments.

Checking back I see lots of folks had thoughts on the Tingle’s hidden shame (bad feet) and I was happy to hear that some among us have decent feet and that Niece Caroline has fine feet useful for picking things up off the floor.  My feet look sort of strange partly because of all the major league ankle turnings I got playing basketball.  Once my ankle swelled up to the size of a cantaloupe, at least; and remains of what appear to be compensatory muscle still appear around the ankles.

Oh, thanks, Brother Dave for that shot of the old gym down in Balboa Park.  I had completely forgotten that.

 I thought Brother Dan’s comment on The Stroke moving.  I don’t recollect his having told me about waking up with a stiff right side.  That adds to the scary.  But as he says he is conquering the aphasia; his comment and the way it was written suggest that.

  Brother Dan sent me an email with the Story of Silversteen; here’s part of it to wit:

Silversteen had an edge to it. He wanted it badly. He offed it. He rambled it. He could smell it. He since it. It was unreliable to him. Silversteen had to have it. He parted his hair on one side and grumbled. It was a grumble off the true style. It was a grumble of the whole hearted. It was a grumble. Here to wit I can see it for everything I see it. I can taste it. In my tumble I feel it is worth it.

He got up from his desk and walked over to her.

"Do you think that it is worth it?", he asked.

Wilma did not look up from her screen. She wanted him to go away.
Wilma Barned came in at exactly 7:53 AM and left at 5:06 PM. She ate lunch at the grocery, just a paws breath away. She always had tuna with wheat bread or turkey on sour dough. Some times the grocer got up about it.

"Why do you always get tuna or turkey, why don’t you try a chicken salad or some greens?"

I am not sure what it means, but I like it.


 Brother Dan, responding to one of Brother Steve’s comments, says Brother Steve should write a novel. I think so too.  He should read Charles Brukowski’s Post Office (which I am sure he has already done) and then write a novel called Flea Market.  Instead Brother Steve proposes a sit-com about the government putting stuff in our water to make us live longer and then putting us in space stations where we could be, with no gravity, just as fat as we want to be.  I am not sure though that TV is ready for this break through concept.


Charles Brukowski 


 Oh, I brought up the getting old issue again in my class that was a bust, and god bless’em they assured me I was still young.

 Brother Steve reports rain today down in Escondido.  We had some too but by this afternoon it had all gone away.  Out at Ellwood because of an offshore wind and slightly higher surf the waves were producing spray.  I tried to capture it photographically.




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  1. Regarding Tingle feet – my older brother, Jacks (Jack’s dad)has two toes that are “stuck” together. He told me that he had glued them together and I always believed him, well, for a long time I did. My own big toes tend to “curl” at the ends, like I should wear pixie slippers or something.
    I also enjoy the comments here and appreciate the opportunity to communicate with my ‘peeps’ both east and west.
    You succeeded with your spray photos! I could almost taste the saltwater. Awesome and amazing. You’re a talented photographer. Now that I think about it, all of the photos I have seen that were taken by you or your brothers are very good. I take lots of pictures but few that are true keepers. Thanks to all for sharing. I want to see California live and in person someday. Until then, I will enjoy the local scenery vicariously through your lens.

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