Brother Steve continues his investigation of property in South Carolina.  Emails have been aflying between Brother Steve, Brother Dave, and Nephew Brian on this matter.  I believe also that Brother Steve has been contacted by Cousins Beth, Jenny, and Lucy.  Brother Steve appreciates all the response he has received for his inquiry.

Carol too became involved.  This morning she located a house in Laurens.  So we sat in front of the computer and drooled a while over this house on Main Street in Laurens for 264K—four bedrooms and two baths.


A little landscape work still necessary.


Lots of light! 

A home this size in SB—even with recent drop in property values—would be in the millions.

With very low, compared to CA, property tax of $795 per annum.

Brother Steve has been zillowing real estate in Anderson County.  Zillowing is like googling except zillow is a premier real estate site.  One can zillow the area of Laurens, SC, for example through this link.

The difference in property values might be explained in part by per capita income:

CA ranks 13 in income at: 22,711 per head.

SC ranks 37 at 18,795 per head.

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