90 degrees!

Well, I am getting one class of student papers in and I am writing responses to them, and as I do so I feel increasingly weary, full of frustration and at one point feel as if I am going to pass out.  These are things I frequently feel responding to student writing, but the passing out part is a bit new. 

I become aware that my tiny closet converted office is really horribly stuffy, so I click on the weather and see that at 1 pm West Coast Time, the temperature in Goleta (that’s where I live) is 90 degrees!

90 degrees!  What the hell.  No wonder I feel as if I am going to pass out.  I need liquids, immediately.  And I certainly don’t need to be reading student papers.  Now I feel bad and wonder if I have been excessively harsh in some of my remarks because of near heat stroke!

90 degrees!  We went through all of last summer with out it ever reaching 90 degrees in our little condo located here in Goleta, CA, maybe a mile from the usually cooling Pacific.  I don’t know what’s up with the Pacific today, because it is not cooling anything.

This odd weather business started Friday night I think.  Carol and I were going through our getting to bed ritual.  Part of that is checking the weather because we had a cooler than usual winter and wanted to make sure we were not going to catch our death of cold or something.  So Carol checks the weather and it is 77 degrees at 10 pm at night.  I cannot remember the last time it has been 77 degrees at night.  So I figured somebody had screwed up at the weather station, and started clicking around on the web and found something called underground weather which listed the temp readings of every weather station in the Goleta, Santa Barbara area and sure enough it was 77 degrees though it dropped to 74 while I was looking.  It was really odd because all around Santa Barbara, down in Ventura and up the Coast the temp was in the 50’s but in Goleta and SB it was in the 70’s.

And now—let me check—

OK, I just got back from checking at 1:54 West Coast Time and it’s:

90 degrees!

I bet my students are not writing their papers.

3 Replies to “90 degrees!”

  1. yup, it was 90 here last time I looked…but now some overcast has come up, so maybe it’s cooling off, but getting more muggy? Does it work that way? Who are you following, Nick? The Lakers as usual? I think I’ll follow the Hornets, because they used to be in Charlotte, which is close to home…..

  2. Strangely, we are experiencing a bit of a “cold spell” here this week. It was 43 this morning and is currently 60. I have been loving our cooler, less humid spring. Lord knows, I have prayed for a milder spring. We have yet to turn our air conditioning on. woohoo!

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