A First

For the past month or so, Brother Dan and I have been breaking in a new routine.  When he gets to work—or a little later—once he has settled in, he instant messages me (we both have Yahoo IM) and says, Hey.  Or something to that effect.

Usually I am there round then in front of my computer, sorting through emails, deleting some, writing others to students who have questions, writing group emails to the whole class, and mostly just trying to wake myself up with coffee and to get a toehold in the new day.

So he IM’ed this morning with a Hey, and while we were going back and forth about something, he must have been multitasking cause he made reference to my blog entry about text messaging, and I said yea I was trying to understand that, but doubted I would ever send a text message myself, and wasn’t even sure I could do it with my phone.

He said sure I could and then later wrote that he had sent me a text message between IM messages.  Wow! I said, but then, damn it, I couldn’t find my phone, and then I did find it and sure enough there was a text message from Dan that said Hey.  So I tried to say Hey back, but I couldn’t figure out where the space bar was for making spaces between the words, so my first text message ever read, “heybak.”  And then I realized I don’t know how to make caps either.

In any case, a first.  My first text message ever.  Maybe my last too, though I should check with Dan to see if he actually got it.  If he didn’t, I will have to try again to make it official.

And an update: my hypothesis about the kelp, fish, and dolphins may have some truth to it, because Carol and I saw dolphins again for the first time in three or four months.

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