June 10

Carol and I almost didn’t take our daily walk out to the bluffs yesterday (June 10) because we were pretty pooped out and the day was overcast and gloomy.  Still we walked out as part of our acknowledgment of our wedding anniversary.

Carol and I were married June 10, 1984 by a licensed professional, a legal minister for the Church of Universal Happiness and Total Bliss.  I forget her name but it was something like Rose Petal Dawn, and she advertised in the yellow pages as willing to perform weddings any place and any time.  I believe she had married a couple while parachuting.

Our wedding took place securely on the ground in the garden of friends.  The day was bright and warm.  Unlike yesterday, June 10, 2008.  A few days ago “June gloom” hit our area with a bang.  The cloud cover that lingers offshore moves over land starting usually in June and sometimes lasting well into July, even August, burning off, for a few hours of direct sun light, in the late afternoon.

So June 10, 2008, was not like June 10, 1984 weather wise.  Also, as might be expected, June 10, 1984, was on a different day of the week (Sunday) than June 10, 2008 (Monday).  But the days are alike in that on both June 10’s, the Lakers were playing in the NBA Finals, and on top of that they were playing the Celtics.  But on June 10, 1984, the Lakers were playing the sixth game of a seven game series.  They won the game but they lost that series two days later.  On June 10, 2008, the Lakers were playing the third game of a seven game series.  They won that game also but if I look at the situation realistically, I have to admit I think the Lakers will lose this series.

I did not watch the game on June 10, 2008, because I had a wedding to attend, being one of the central participants.  I did watch the game yesterday, June 10, 2008.  Kobe Bryant played that game against a whole host of new Celtics, but back in 1984, Magic Johnson led the Lakers against Larry Bird and his Celtics.

That was 24 years ago!


Carol’s Shoe and then my Shoe out on the bluff.

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