Downtown Greenville, SC

Jeez…what a day…yesterday….

Up at 4 AM in the pitch dark.  A neighbor, in his 80’s, who does not apparently sleep, at least at night, kindly gave us a ride to the airport for a 6 AM liftoff.

Things went well till Dallas.  We were scheduled to leave there at 1 or so.  Fat chance.

Brother Dan had warned, flights leaving Dallas are ALWAYS late.  Sure ‘nuff.  We didn’t get out of there till almost 5.  Five hours of sitting in that noisy place.  6 Gate changes.  Who the hell knew what Gate we were going to go out of and constant backing up of the departure time.

We ate beef jerky we had brought with us on the plane and got bad gas. 

But finally we made it to Greenville, about 8 Greenville time. 

We rented along with the car, one of those things—I think it is called a GPS—that talks to you as you drive along, and tells you which way to go.  Pretty cool.

What with the early rising,  and the clock change we are pretty pooped out at the moment.

But the day outside from our room in the Holiday Inn Express in downtown Greenville looks bright and cloudless.

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