(Gap) Fire Again (14% contained)


The juice went off yester evening only twice and only about twenty minutes each time.  That was a bit of a relief.  But the condo was very uncomfortably warm by about 6 PM.  We had been keeping the windows closed to keep out the terrible air.  But finally about 6 we had to open them for a while to let some cooling air in, though it was not all that cooling and smelled of smoke.

We are fairly tired out from not sleeping properly and from this arduous business of staying vigilant.  But we are not in any immediate danger; in fact, while the fire continues only about 15% contained and with authorities still authoritatively insisting that they are not in control of the fire at all (and thus we should remain vigilant), I think we are in less danger than yesterday.

Were it not for the terrible air—and it is quite terrible—and the need to remain eternally vigilant I might be able to return to my normal state of low grade anxiety and returned to thinking about somewhat less immediate concerns such as the collapsing economy.

Here’s a link.

And the fire receives mention in the NY Times

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  1. You’ve written your epitaph, dude!
    “Here lies Nicholas Tingle:
    He was eternally vigilant–
    except when in a state of lowgrade anxiety”
    I just love you…

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