Storage Area Cleanout!

 The Tingle Brothers gathered at the storage area containing Joan and WB’s last material possessions.  I had never seen the area before. 


Brother Dave said, Be Prepared! when he opened the door.

 Oh my God!

We were worried about what to do with the two heavily motorized wheel chairs Joan and WB had in  their last days.  The batteries were long dead.  And we didn’t know who would take them even as trash.  We thought about illegal action.  But about two a fellow drove by in his Suburban Truck and asked what we were going to do with them.  We said, Sir!  You can have them (please) if you want them,  He said his church could use them.  So we set to moving the things. 


 Note the powerful muscles in my arm!

 Heave Ho! On Three!


 We contemplate our handiwork.

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  1. Well, by waiting until after we did the storage, I guess I missed driving through Texas during the hurricane…..hopefully things will be calmed down by the middle of next week, when I figure I’ll be in the lone star state…..still keeping busy right now throwing things away, and packing other things……

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