Once in a Life Time

So, as I said, on Friday Brother Dave opened the storage area door:


We set to work, throwing out garbage, multiple bags of it, making dump runs, taking out nearly all of the furniture and then putting it back so that the lady we have hired to sell the stuff might see what she is selling.


Also we put pictures of the furniture on line for her to look at and you can too at.

About midday Saturday, after Brother Dave had hauled off some large items to the dump, we sat and contemplated our efforts.


  That Saturday afternoon, we sat in Brother Dave’s garage going through the four or five big pictures of papers.Joan appears to have saved any card ever sent to her by anyone living or dead.We threw those out.She also saved any letter any body ever wrote her; we also threw those out.Also she kept strange notebooks with lists of expenditures but sometimes without dates to show when the expenditures were made, also lists of words.And a page of instructions on things to be done on the occasion of her death; she wished to have a ceremony performed at Westminster Abbey. 

Very very strange going through that stuff.  But we got a few laughs too.

 Here Dan hands Dave a picture of me.  Good for a laugh. 

Saturday evening, Sister in Law Teresa prepared an excellent Mexican dinner attended by many Tingle males living in California.

Sunday morning we helped Brother Dave go through the mounds of old tools WB had collected.  We took pictures of these and put them on line.  We don’t know what some of these things are.  We thought of holding a name that tool contest.

The URL for Dave Tingle’s Tools came out DaveTingleSTools.  Be assured.  Tools, not Stools are pictured.

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