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Lately when I go to Costco, I am disturbed to notice right out there on one of the main aisles (not hidden back in those stacks) Emergency Food in a plastic, weather proof bucket.  I didn’t have to notice it.  I don’t notice many things on the main aisle.  So I suppose my unconscious was tuned into seeing it.

But there it is: a weather proof plastic bucket of Emergency Food for a mere 89.99.  275 servings, completely vegetarian and vitamin fortified.  Also this food will last for 20 years somewhere back in your closet or maybe your garage if stored at an average temperature of 60 degrees.



This “kit” is advertised as perfect for “natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes or even for a camping or hunting trip.”  Nothing like being prepared for your basic natural disaster.  And to this list of natural disasters one might add “unnatural disasters,” such as a complete collapse of the economy and the food distribution system.

Frankly I am not overly impressed by the menu:

  30 Servings – Potato Bakon

  25 Servings – Corn Chowder

  25 Servings – Ala King

  25 Servings – Cacciatore

  25 Servings – Western Stew

  25 Servings – Country Noodle

  25 Servings – Rice Lentil

  45 Servings – Whey Milk

  25 Servings – Blueberry Pancakes

  25 Servings – Barley Vegetable

I am not sure what “potato bakon” is, and would life be bearable during a natural disaster without “blueberry pancakes.”

The food in Emergency Preparedness 7-Day Gourmet Instant Meal Kit looks a heck of a lot better.  But as you can see you only have food for seven days.

And if things are so bad you have to flee the area entirely, you can buy The American Preparedness Emergency Backpack Kit, enough for a crew of 4 for three days after which you can eat each other or perhaps attack people who are selfishly not sharing from their Emergency Food buckets.

The demand for the Emergency Food Buckets, according to Costco, is overwhelming.

I am not the only person thinking about…..it.

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  1. I wonder if there is anything in that kit I could use backpacking? I hope COSTCO sells a lot of those………cause my COST stock took a dump today. My survival kit is the RV with water power etc. If the market keeps falling I may be living in RV soon.Party here for David and Nikki tonight…engagement

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