Fire Again!

If you are driving from LA into the Santa Barbara area, you first hit Montecito, then you hit Santa Barbara proper, and then you hit Goleta where Carol and I live.  We are about ten miles from the center of SB.  So we are in no danger from the currently burning Tea Fire.

Still, Carol and I both know people living in the area affected by the fire and at present the fire is moving alarmingly close to the city.  The temperatures are expected to be high but the winds not as high.

Yester evening was strange.  The temp went up as the evening wore on.  Just after sunset it was about 68 but the rose to 75 by the time we were getting ready to hit the hay.

So whether this fire continues its destructive path will be determined largely by the weather.

Every time I drive up in the area affected by the fire I think, Jesus, what if they have a fire.  Huge homes mark the hills and they are surrounded by brush and trees, trees, trees.  And everywhere those damn eucalyptuses that go up like matches.

So for the present Carol and I watch TV (though we must get on with our days) to see what’s happening (so far 100 homes destroyed) and watch the sky get thicker with smoke.

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