Had I been asked forty years ago
I would have said I don’t know
If then I would live to see
The day that I would turn 63
Well here it is, it has arrived
And what you know I’m still alive
And if I live it out one more
Why then I will be 64
And that would be this time next year
If that is I am still here
For that I will have to wait and see
In the meantime:


Happy Birthday to me.

2 Replies to “63”

  1. Happy birthday Uncle Nick,
    Sorry we didn’t meet up with you in SB. It was a full weekend. We arrived late on friday, Spent the day on Saturday walking up and down State St. We must have walked about 6 miles or so. That evening we ate dinner at Rick’s(I think that’s what it was called) by the Harber and Went to see the Nutcracker. Back on the road on Sunday morning. Hope all went well with the Condo. Another year passes on. Happy B-day.
    Steve Tingle and family

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