House Fire!

Brother Steve wrote, from Clinton SC, this Christmas Eve day:

….about four in the morning my neighbor’s house caught on fire….he had left a pot on the stove….the fire department got here real fast, it is only two blocks away, but the fire was shooting up the side of the house and got under the rafters and into the attic…..they got themselves and their dogs out OK, but between fire and smoke and water I think the house is a total loss.

house fire 

Spoke via phone with Brother Steve later in the day who added details.  The neighbor left the heat on under a pot of oil used to make French fries.  Neighbor first tried to put out fire him self.  A mistake.  Phone dead for some reason. Had to go next door to make call to fire department.  Went to truck for fire extinguisher but it wouldn’t work.  The fire extinguisher, not the truck.  Flames leapt, from kitchen window, up the side of the house to roof; the roof beam burned through and it appears the house is beyond repair.

Some concerns were expressed as to whether the sale of the lot would pay for the demolition of the burned out house.

Brother Steve believes local ordinances will require that the house be demolished and the lot cleared.

Brother Steve believes his property values may rise since the Presbyterian College (Go Bluestockings!) plans to put in a school of pharmacy not two blocks away increasing the need for residential housing.  But this is still in the works and a long way off.

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