February 7, 2009

An email from Brother Steve served to remind me that today, February 7, marks the date of WB’s death, three years ago now in 2006. In his email Brother Steve said the day is sunny back in SC and that he might drive down to the Ora ARP to visit WB’s grave.

I started this blog–the best I can tell–right at the end of January 2006.

I think the events leading up to WB’s death and the death itself, followed by those ups and downs with Joan tapped into something, and I used the blog back then as sort of notebook–just to get things stuck inside of me out in the open a bit.

Sadly, a good deal still feels stuck, but the blog opened the window a bit and let in some air. That’s good.

And the blog too allowed me to establish contact with relatives back in SC that I would not otherwise have had. That’s a very good thing. Perhaps that’s the best thing to come out of the blog, and something, when I started it, I had not anticipated at all.

Oh, before I forget Cindy Tingle Stockman started a Yahoo-group for the descendants of William Berner and Bertha Mines Tingle. She ruminated in a recent email about how to get Sam and Samantha on it and whatever other descendants out there who might want to contribute family news, or weather reports, or recipes for corn bread.

Click here to go to the group sign up page.  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/tingle-family/

Amy and Emilia, daughters of Douglas Tingle, recently signed on.

I hope all are well.

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  1. I did drive out to Ora Saturday. I didn’t think to take any flowers. There were flowers there for uncle Neal, who passed away on the 8th of the same month.

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