Fire! Update

As I sit in my office to see if any students come by, the temperature is 87 degrees at just about 1 PM. That is unseasonably high for us, and yesterday the temperatures did not peak out till around 4 pm when those "sun downers" hit.

Those remain the primary concern at this moment re: the Jesusitas Fire. It carried away numerous homes last night. And may do so again should those winds kick up. More people and planes are out working the fire today trying to blunt the effects of another "sun-downer."

Almost all the students in my class at 10 heroically showed; this was certainly a day that might have not showed and I would have understood. They are all first year students and living in dorms with no air conditioning. They looked very wiped out.

Dan, Kim and family are still OK. There home is located right under the sign that says 192.

 The local TV station is doing a good job updating.

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  1. I am terribly saddened by the fires that have ravaged Santa Barbara. I used to frequently ride Avis on the Jususita trail up to Inspiration Point. Stay safe!

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