Hair Cut

I got a hair cut. Elder hair can be hard to manage. When it gets longer, down about the ears it flops this way and that and the weight of the longer hair pulls them closer to the head exposing more of the pinkish scalp. So the fact that one has elder hair can be all that much more apparent.

I got to this chain, chop shop, Fantastic Sams. I don’t know if they are a local or national chain. For a couple of years, I get the same lady to cut my hair. She does a good job and she always tries to take me quickly since a leave her a good tip.

18 bucks! Pisses me off. I thought a while back that I would just go to a barber shop; but I walked by one and the guy was advertising a special for 12 bucks! At least Mahalia does a good job.

Still, 18 bucks! I think a should be pro-rated or something; I have far, far less hairs on my head than the normal 18 buck hair cut. There was a kid there this morning with this thick mop of hair. Mahalia cut my hair in about a third of the time it took to cut that kid’s hair.

I mean based on hair count I should be paying 6 bucks.


Carol and I hosted Niece Savannah’s birthday party at the condo complex pool last Saturday. She and two friends–they all have birthdays at the same time–decided to have a collective party. So–Oh my god!–we had on hand about 30 to 35 15 year olds both male and female. We were told by the condo people that for such a large gathering two life guards would be required. So the parents of the birthday girls did that.

I don’t think I have been around that many 15 year olds since I was 15. I pretty much kept to myself. I think they were happy the adults were out of the way.

I believe things went smoothly.

We have hosted Niece Savannah’s birthday–except for one year–since she was 2.  I think.

Another pic

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