African Food

Last night I had my first ever “African food.” At least I think it was African food having been prepared by Africans who said it was African food. The Africans are two students Carol befriended and I have come to know over the last year. One is from Ghana, the other Nigeria.

The meal consisted of rice, a heaping mound of it, covered with a thick tomato sauce containing chunks of beef and seasoned with garlic, black pepper, salt, and something called Maggi, the brand name for a kind of soy sauce, I think it was. And on the sides of the mound of rice slices of fried plantain.

Really a good and substantial meal, though it wreaked havoc with my dyspepsia. Significant gas, belly distention, and even now in the morning my stomach is still gurgling.

I can’t attribute this all to the meal however. The guys knew I am a Laker fan, and they invited us over to watch game 5 of the playoffs with them. They are however are rabid Celtic fans. So I had to sit abjectly as they crowed, the Lakers having gone down to ignominious defeat. That probably didn’t help my digestion either.

Damn Lakers!

Good food.

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