(Gap) Fire Again (Car Wash)

We had a pretty miserable day stuck inside stifling.  Still we appear in no immediate danger.  Probably we are in fact 50% safer than yesterday; but the authorities seem most authoritative when they say they can’t predict anything and everybody should stay vigilant.


Our big outing for the day was going to wash off the cars.  The soot and ash looked so bad that to my eye it threatened the paint. So we drove over to one of those wash your car your-self places, put in our quarters and washed down both cars.  Carol’s is now back in the garage.  We had it out of the garage in the first place because we were not sure, if the power went out, if we could get the car out.  We think we have figured out that problem.


Car windshield.  Outside view.  


From inside car.  
Carol appropriately attired for car wash outing. 

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