Yesterday morning I started plowing through this stack of instructions and forms from the lawyer regarding my job as executor of the Tingle Family Trust.

I will be glad when the Tingle Family Trust is over.


At first looking at the documents I thought I would have a fit and die right there on the spot.  These documents were guidelines for the official documentation of the accounting of what is, money-wise, in the Tingle Family Trust.  After a couple of phone calls to the lawyer to clarify some basic issues—like what were the dates of the accounting, from when to when exactly—I got started and spent most of the morning and into the afternoon, looking at bank statements and trying to figure out what had gone into and what had gone out of the Tingle Family Trust, since April 10, 2007 when Joan died.

As Carol will tell you, I am a big picture sort of guy and detail stuff is not my forte.  I would be adding something up and then realize I should be subtracting, and I would forget what I had to push on the calculator and it would subtract something rather than add, or it would come out with some incomprehensible number that no relation at all to what I was trying to figure out.

But I persisted and now have a skeleton outline of the forms that I will finish in a few days when the bank statements show up on line at the end of this month (Friday) and then I will put the whole mess in the mail and send it to the paralegal at the lawyers, who will at 95 bucks an hour, put the whole thing in official shape.  Soon after that I should be able to write checks to the Brothers Tingle and I will be able to drive a stake through the heart of the Tingle Family Trust, except for a few thousand bucks we will keep to pay very late bills.

Brother Steve knew I had put checks in the mail last week with part of the money for each brother, so he went by the lawyers to see where the checks were, and THEY COULDN’T FIND THEM.  But they did later and he came back and got his.  So now the lawyers know they have the checks and should be sending them out to the rest of the Brothers Tingle, Dave and Dan.

I am not impressed with these lawyers at all.

Brother Dave took a trip up to the Pacific Crest Trail, and while there came across this blackboard, and decided to welcome the two recent Tingle Additions: Blake Tingle and Colton Dhillon (Caroline’s new child).  I am not sure where they were before they got to earth.  But Welcome in Any Case.

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