Over the weekend, the very last remnants of a hurricane brushed through the Santa Barbara area.  There was a flashflood alert but nothing happened.  But down in San Diego Brother Steve reported a two hour down pour and added, the next day:

….the paper had the stats on the storm….2.17 inches in one hour at Lake Wohlford….on my walk I could see some flash-flood erosion of the dirt roads….and the trash cans they place along the edge of the lake were out in the lake a few feet….first time the water level has come up in a while….all this from a storm that started in the Atlantic!

But we did have unusual clouds that produced an interesting sunset:




And some dramatic cloud effects, one might say:





And a correction:  the blackboard with the welcome for Colton and Blake is located in Brother Dave’s house, not up on the Crest Line Trail somewhere. 

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