Fit to be Tied: Part 4–Fire!

 Brother Steve was forced to evacuate his home near Rancho Bernardo near where Joan and WB previously lived, and also Carol’s mother.  At the moment, Brother Steve is safe with Brother Dave far from the flames.  Thousands, perhaps tens of thousands were forced to flee their homes…and last night fires were popping up all up and down the coast.  In Santa Barbara, for the time being, there are no fires, except in the back country.  The winds also that brought the dust storm described below have died down in our immediate area.

Meanwhile Carol and I remained displaced in a motel while the drying out of our condo continues. 


Adding to the strangeness of our displaced status—I was at a stop sign on the way back to the pet friendly room in the motel when I looked up and noticed what I thought was smoke kicking up from the backside of the mountains.  The winds were high and I thought “fire,” though that didn’t make much sense since that whole area was burned to the dirt with the zaca fire.  So then I thought dust which made more sense.




Sure enough.  Winds of 20 to 30 mph were blowing back there and gusting to 60 mph.  The result was an ever expanding dust cloud that by late afternoon had spread over the entire area.  Really sort of miserable.


That was yesterday.  Saturday.  Today, Sunday, we woke to find a fine dust all over everything.  And predictions are the wind will continue to kick up through Monday.




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