Things are going not so well for the California Branch of the Tingle Clan.  Brother Steve had to evacuate because of the fires yesterday to Brother Dave.  This Tuesday morning Brother Steve reports that Mt. Miguel burned (a mountain nearby) and south Spring Valley (where we CA Tingles first lived) is being evacuated as of now.  This means that Brother Dave, Brother Steve, and Sister-in-Law Teresa may all have to evacuate.  Thankfully, they have their motor home, but who knows what the traffic will be like.

They say 300,000 between LA and San Diego have had to evacuate.

The home where Carol’s mom died had to be evacuated.  This means Carol’s former step-father, Morty Berk, who is 95 years old had to moved down to the football stadium where the Chargers play.

Santa Barbara is in no danger at the moment; also the winds here have dropped though the skies remain thick with dust.

In some terrible way, we can’t help but be relieved that Mrs. Press passed away two Saturdays ago.  The thought of her alone, displaced, and being kept in the bowels of a football stadium would have just driven Carol crazy.

We are going to move back into our condo today no matter what, after five days of camping in a motel.

More later—as it eventuates…..

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