Fire Again

I want to say, crisis averted.  But that’s not the case really.  Brother Stephen did have to evacuate and last night he emailed saying fires had kicked up again in the area where he lives.  So his home may still be in danger.  But Sister in Law Teresa said she would be sure to call us if they had to evacuate from another fire that was burning in their area.  She hasn’t called so far, so maybe they are OK.

And even if the California Tingles were spared relatively speaking, many people were not.  One report says nearly a million people have been displaced.  The roads must be a terrible mess, and from what David and Teresa said yesterday, we got the feeling that the entire SD area was closing down. People were not or just couldn’t get into work.

We got an email from his son saying that Carol’s former step father is OK and had a good night’s sleep at Charger Stadium.  Possibly he will be moved back to his home today, though who knows.  The winds are still high and not expected to go away completely until tomorrow.

Carol and I finally got back into our condo yesterday.  The place is a complete mess.  Junk everywhere and dust from the winds and dirt from the repairs.  Damn!  The touch up guy will not be able to get here till tomorrow or Friday, so we will have people coming and going, in and out, for at least two more days. 

The condo association people have decided to take temporary steps to curb the leaking problems in our building of 8 units while they continue to consider ways—all very expensive—to tackle the larger plumbing problem for all of the units.

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