Ellwood Walk

On MLK Day, Carol and I walked out to Ellwood.  We got lucky. I had never seen the tide out this far before.  Way, way out.  People say that as Spring approaches the tides go out further.  I took this picture standing on a spot a 100 yard out from the usual shoreline.  Those things sticking up–appear to be the remains of a foundation for something–well, I had never seen them before.  I would hate to think of a swimmer or surfer hitting them.  They could get cut.


Looking back towards the bluffs–clouds.  A storm was coming in and indeed it rained later in the evening. 


Perhaps because of the impending rain, the air was incredibly clear and the channel islands–sometimes not visible at all–stood out clearly against the horizon. 


To the north.


I swear the light was just gorgeous.  We bumped into a guy taking pictures who said that this stretch of beach, extending about 4.5 miles from UCSB towards the north has officially been saved from further development.  He said this may be the longest stretch of beach so preserved on the entire California Coast.  We are lucky. 

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  1. I would say you ARE lucky, to live so close to such beautiful scenery and have a good place to walk in nature where its so beautiful. Thanks for sharing the pictures. I love seeing thme.

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