Cats and Dogs

As previously noted, clouds–the portent of a coming storm–made their appearance over the Ellwood Bluffs on MLK Day.  Tuesday it started to rain, and then Wednesday–like cats and dogs, mice and rats, elephants and cows.  I have lived in SB since 1976 and don’t remember rain coming down so hard and so constantly for six hours straight.

Out back of the condo, Lake Ocean Meadows began to form (Ocean Meadows is the name of the golf course where the water built up).  The build up of water in Lake Ocean Meadows–about a foot deep at its deepest–is one reason the golf course is not likely to be developed.  It floods and then drains out onto the lagoon.  You can’t really see in this pic, but ducks have started to gather on the newly formed Lake Ocean Meadows.


So it rained and rained cats and dogs and mice and rats, and my classes were not well attended.  Many of those who did show up were sopping wet from the knees down.  One young woman had pools of water forming about her feet, which was a health hazard since an older person, such as myself, might easily have slipped in that water and broken his neck. Many started in sneezing and coughing, also a health hazard for an elderly person like myself. Because not only did it rain; it was cold.

Snow appeared on the moutains out back of SB:

Hard to see, but that’s snow up there on the top of them there hills.

For those interested in the weather, I have added a link in the right hand margin to the Greenville News Online and one to a Santa Barbara TV station that carries the weather.  

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