Cats and Dogs Confirmed

Well my subjective impression that I had not seen it rain so hard so constantly for so long in all my time in SB since 1976 appears confirmed.  Brother Steve comments to that effect and CNN reported that a long standing record for rain in one day in SB was broken Wednesday.  More than four inches recorded at the airport not a mile from where Carol and I are located.


More rain is said to be on the way as this picture suggest.  The bird upper right is a pelican, I think.


Clouds are sometimes said to "scud."  I think these clouds are "scudding" across the sky.


Between the scudding clouds and the stormy sea, a sliver of one of the Channel Islands is visible.


A dark and gloomy sky, suggesting further rain.

I sit here feeling like an idiot.  This morning when I tried to pour coffee the lid came off the pot and I managed to give my left wrist a pretty good scalding.  I have no one to blame but myself since last night when I fixed up the pot to make coffee I didn’t apparently put the lid on properly.  So my left wrist hurts.  I have been applying ice to it, but it’s hard to keep the ice applied in a plastic bag when one is typing.  The burn is no the downside of the wrist.  I tried to push the ice inside my sweater cuff and use it to hold the ice in place.  But that didn’t work.  So I just got pissed and stupidly I attached the ice to my wrist with masking take.  That’s all I could find.  Now what am I going to do.  The ice is melting and I have attached the bag to my wrist with masking tape.  To get new ice in that plastic bag, I am going to have to RIP that masking tape off my wrist, taking all sorts of hair with it.  Talk about dumb.

I need to start think more about the consequences of my actions.

But it’s probably too late for that.

Why should I start now?  

I kid you not:


5 Replies to “Cats and Dogs Confirmed”

  1. I’m sorry to hear about the burn on your wrist, Nick. Maybe holding it under cold water for a long time would help? That does look like duct tape to me, which will definitely pull hair off. Oh dear…..
    Please send some of that 4 inches of rain over to SC. We could really use it. They were calling for rain on Saturday and now they’re not.

  2. It looks like you didn’t tape over the opening in the bag, maybe you could refil the bag with out removing it… then you could wear it all day!

  3. I just got back from a walk up the hill….you can see way out into the Pacific today, all blue. Yesterday it was mostly dark and cloudly over the ocean, and you could see showers coming down offshore…no more rain here today, but they say there are flood warnings for this weekend…..Nick, get an aloe vera plant, and then when you suffer a minor burn, you can break off a leaf and rub the aloe on it…..I don’t have such a plant myself anymore, but you can buy the stuff in a tube at the drugstore…..hello cousin Beth and daughter Caroline!

  4. Thank you for the correction. I am confused about my tape. Yes, that is duc tape, the kind I think we were supposed to use to seal our homes against germ warfare.
    I iced and iced and it worked. I also applied aloe vera cream from the drug store. It looks better today, and feels much, much better.
    I used scissors to cut off the tape piece by piece thereby minimizing the hair loss and the attendant pain.
    Thank you.

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