Dog Cat Rat

Cousin Lucy sent an email in which she mentioned a UTube video making the rounds out of Santa Barbara.  Sure enough–there it was a dog, with a cat atop it, and a rat atop the cat.  The street scene in one video is clearly State Street.  SB’s main drag.

Click here for the video. 

For some reason, her email made me remember the person to whom Carol goes for what I believe is called a waxing.  Her name is Suzy and Carol reported that Suzy was the owner of an amazingly ugly dog, an aged Mexican hairless. I had heard much of this ugly dog when Suzi posted pictures of same on her web site and got about a million hits in a day.  Many at the time considered it the ugliest dog in the USA.  The dog is now deceased.


I think I can say without too great a fear of contradiction that this dog in its day was one very ugly dog. 

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  1. Looking at this dog makes me really sick. Seriously. Several months ago someone emailed to me one of those stupid follow the red dot things and a picture of Linda Blair from The Exorcist popped up. I actually screamed out loud and almost cried. I had to sleep with a light on for several days. After seeing this horrible dog thingie yesterday, I had to sleep with a light on. When I pulled up the picture just now to email to a friend, I still feel sort of sick looking at it.

  2. I am sorry the ugly dog disturbed Jenny’s sleep.
    I told Carol I thought the dog was transcendentally ugly, surpassing mere mundane ugliness to become a sort of archetype of ugliness.
    You know, Abraham Lincoln ugly.
    But Carol said that was an insult to Lincoln.

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