Fire Again! (darn it!)

Last summer–as reported in this blog–a fire burned on backside of the mountains abutting Santa Barbara for nearly a couple of months.  I don’t think we are in for that again–necessarily.  But I was alarmed to note a) that my car was covered with ash this morning and b) that when I turned my head slightly I was able to see smoke rising close to us ON THIS SIDE of the mountains.

So far–in our favor–the fire is small (300 acres) and most importantly at the moment no high winds.  Also–worse cases scenario–if weather conditions were to worsen the four lanes of 101 lie between us and the fire.  That makes a "natural" fire break, though flames did leap 101 in the 80’s.

 I suppose I could sit outside in the falling ash and totally depress myself by watching the progress of the fire down the hill.  But I think I will forgo that and mostly stay inside–which is where the authorities say a person should be considering the air quality.

For a while at least, updates on the fire may be found by clicking here. 



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