(Gap) Fire Again! (No Juice, Darn it!)

At about 830 Thursday morning, the fire is no longer visible from our condo window.  You would think that’s good news.  But not necessarily so.  In fact it’s bigger now—about 2000 acres—and having burned further down the mountain is now hidden behind lower hills from which a thick, grey pall now arises.  Impenetrable.

The local government, seeking more “resources,” will declare a local state of emergency at 11 this morning.

All the juice went out at around seven PM yesterday.  What a bummer.  I hate it when that happens because I am reminded that our little civilization is very juice dependent.  Without it, we are pretty much kaput. 

I think the juice came back on around 11, and I was happy for that because I am pretty sure nothing in the refrigerator had a chance to go bad.

During the blackout, we sat around with neighbors for a while talking by candle light and then went back to our place, lit up some candles, found batteries for an portable cassette player Carol had with a radio in it, and ran up and down the dial looking for some information.  Without luck.

So we felt in a quandary.  The radio said, “Stay vigilant.”  But how is a person to stay vigilant while asleep.

Finally, I guess I must have gone to sleep.  But from the way I feel at this moment, I don’t think I slept all that well.

So looks like another day of waiting to see what’s up.  Precisely.  I hope I can stay "vigilant."

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