(Gap) Fire Again (Weather Conditions)

Now about 330 PM and waiting to see if one’s house is going to burn down turns out to be a lot like waiting to see the dentist.  One wants just to relax, but the anticipation of pain produces anxiety—and that combined with having nothing to do but wait produces an odd sense of boredom.

I was a bit alarmed to hear a spokesperson for the fire people say that when one gets right down to it whether or not or more precisely when the fire stops has more to do with the weather than any form of human intervention.  Tonight and tomorrow those sundowner winds that blew the fire to its present proportions will happen again.  On the upside the humidity is not nearly as low as it could be, and the fireperson went on, monsoon like conditions, with wind but with high moisture are likely this weekend, with the possibility of even of a thunderstorm or two Monday.  He seemed really happy at that prospect, while I was alarmed to feel that this fire business may drag on a week, with the potential, throughout of something really unexpected and untoward happening.  Like another fire—or hurricane winds that might lift the fire who knows where.

Still, I gather that we are not likely soon to be burned out.  But the chance of another power outage this evening remains very high.




Fire during blackout from condo window. 



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