(Gap) Fire Again! (And Good Bye Bozo)

Seems as if we will stay inside today with the windows closed.  The air quality is terrible…invisible particulate matter seems bad for the lungs; and right now the air is full of that.  I ran my fingers over the cover a book parked near a window previously opened and felt grit, not visible to the eye, but there.

Yester evening, the juice went off round seven, came back round eight, went off again round 930, and then came back on round 11.

Listening to folks calling in to one radio station from different parts of the area was tough.  People were very nervous.

At the moment—about 8 PST—the fire is said to have burned about 5000 acres, but only one home has burned so far, that I know of, and no life has been lost.

We can look out our upstairs window and for the first time in three days see no smoke.

The fire appears to be heading more towards Santa Barbara and back up over the mountains.

Here’s a link to the best article I have found.  There’s a good map midway down the page and the article raises questions—ones I have—about the way the whole thing was managed and the incredible lack of preparedness for things like this fire.

One cannot entirely blame the government.  For years now the people of California have voted against measures and taxes that would build up the public sector and strengthen the infrastructure.

And on a sad note, I see that Bozo the Clown died.  Good bye Bozo.  Along with Hoody-Doody you were among the first TV characters I ever saw back in the mid 50’s.

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  1. Nick and Carol, I tried to call your home phone and it says the number is not in service…..because of the fire? I hope it doesn’t get down into the area of S.B. where the houses are right up against the foothills…like around Dan’s…..down here in S.D. we’ve had too much bad experience when that happens…..hope all is well.

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