(Gap) Fire Again! (Outage!)

We were watching a pretty good documentary on the 628 assassination attempts made on Castro when—bingo—out goes the juice for the second time yesterday.  So it’s nearly 8, not enough light to read what with the dank skies, and I am about ready to explode.  At about 9 the juice comes back on.

This morning we meet some friends who have come into town for a funeral at a little, nearby restaurant and we talk for a while and start figuring our plans for the day and—bingo—the juice goes off.  End of all plans.  My friend wanted to go to the UCSB library, but is it open?  Carol wanted to go work out, but is the club open?  Me, who the hell knows what I wanted to do—but probably it involved the use of electricity.

This juice stuff has been going on for a week now and it’s more than an irritation now; it’s pretty much a painful aggravation.

I started talking about the PDA’s people have—like the Blackberry—that allow you to go online and watch movies if you want on your telephone, and thought maybe they should design one with a tiny pull out grill so that in case of juice outage you could fry up like a miniaturized burger or something.  But that would of course require that they build in a miniature refrigerator.  So I sat there trying to imagine a PDA with a built in grill and refrigerator….

You open up the tiny door to the tiny refrigerator to see if the milk is still good.

We are the only people sitting in the dark little restaurant.  I ask if it’s OK if we sit there and they say it is.  The owner starts putting out little candles. But when I go to get coffee I see they are not really little candles at all but little things that look like candles but are power not by fire but by batteries.

We get back to the condo to find this tall guy with tattoos all over his body pulling up the planks of our deck out back.   This is our carpenter’s son.  I am glad to see him because he was over in Iraq and I was afraid he would get killed.  He is pulling up the planks because Carol wants to get our own jacuzzi, but before that we need to get the deck fixed up (it looked pretty ugly) and also get supports under where the two tons of jacuzzi will go.

I am not in favor of this jacuzzi for numerous rational reasons—oh, well, this is not the place to go into that….And I should wrap this up before the juice goes off again…

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  1. If you have a laptop with a phone connection, it keeps working even when the power is out. The news from here is that Smokey, who runs the Cafe, has offered $3000 cash for my old Chrysler and the trailer-cabana leasehold. Hopefully this evening we can seal the deal. It’s already been OKed by Resort management, which has de facto right of approval, if not strict de jure. So two things off my list with one stroke I hope, fingers crossed knocking on wood.

  2. Got home today and my new solar panel had arrived. I plan to hook two deep cell batteries together in RV and hook up this solar panel for charging. Maybe Nick needs a solar panel? He could could put it out by the jucuzzi.

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