Stuff on Our Deck

We had the deck outback reinforced (for the jacuzzi), also sanded and resurfaced:

We had to take all the stuff off the deck to have it resurfaced and when we put all the stuff back I decided to document it as follows: 

For years in the 80’s we lived in an apartment building at 221 West Alamar in downtown SB; when we left I took took some ferns that were out back.  This is the offshoot of one. 

WB gave me this succulent that I’ve kept alive since the early 90’s. 

 A friend gave us this succulent as a house warming gift.  So we have had it since 1992.  I think that’s the year we moved into the condo. 

This is the most important plant.  It’s a descendent of the geranium that I planted over the grave of Amelia the Cat back at 221 West Alamar.  She got cancer and died before her time.  I buried her out behind the apartment and marked the spot with the geranium from which the one above is descended. 

This is Amelia The Cat’s Plant: part 2.  It is descended from the one above.  The one above is not the original plant either.  But grew from a cutting of the original plant, now long deceased. 

This is one of the 10,000 blocks that WB made to build the house at Delridge.  

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