Day 4 of Fire

Let’s see.

I think it’s Saturday. We woke to gray skies. The marine layer has moved in and that’s good for fire fighting.

Yesterday was also better with much lower temperatures and higher humidity. The temperature only got to the lower 70s here, while the day before the airport registered 101 degrees, the highest on record for that date.

Still, the officials are not allowing people back into areas evacuated. So Brother Dan and Nephew Dylan spent the night with us.

It’s almost 10 pm here and Nephew Dylan is still asleep on the floor downstairs.

Brother Dan, however, took off for home. He had breakfast at a place not far from his home, and the last time I spoke with him, he was going to walk the three blocks or so into his house.

Some sources believe people will be allowed to "repopulate" the evacuated areas some time today.

This has been a very trying week so far.

A headline in the LA Times read something like: "No One In Santa Barbara Unaffected by Fires." That’s probably not true, but 30,000 people were evacuated and another 20,000 spent the last few days waiting to evacuate.

One of the recreational buildings at the university was turned into an evacuation center; the other, run by public health, was turned into a center for people with physical problems.


An email from a friend suggested most all of the students have cleared out of the area. Most of them of course do not live in SB so they headed out to more pleasant circumstances and cleaner air. 

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