Possibly Agitated

Well, only a couple of hours after Brother Dan left yesterday to walk into his house the mandatory evacuation order was lifted.

They report today that the fire is 55% contained. Because the marine layer has moved in, the weather continues to favor the firefighters.

Tomorrow, however, the temperatures will climb again, and another sundowner is possible. Still currently the fire is far from homes.

The fire started this last Tuesday at about 1:30 PM and expectant anxiety prevailed until the weather changed and mandatory evacuation was lifted for most all of the population.

At one point, apparently, fearing for its life, a black bear bounded out of the burning brush in the direction of populated areas. An official warning was issued: Beware of Black Bear, Possibly Agitated.

That gave me a laugh.

How can you tell if a black bear is agitated?

Poke it with a stick.

3 Replies to “Possibly Agitated”

  1. I just read that they think the fire was started by someone using a power tool to clear brush….for fire prevention?

  2. Glad to hear Dan and family are back home. I hope you get some of our Oregon rain soon to wipe out the fire.

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