Remodel 7: Nearing the end

Five weeks! And yesterday finally the carpenter/contractor left for good.  Though I am sure he will be back for something or other.

Below, our monstrous 50 inch plasma by Panasonic.  We were told that if we watched this TV eight hours a day that it would last for 22 years.  My damn TV is going to outlive me.  Though maybe, upon retirement, I will do nothing but watch TV and so kill off my TV before I drop dead.

The 50 inch again, giving however a slightly better sense of its vast dimensions.

To the left in the image above you can see Louise hanging on the wall.  Below a more direct representation of Louise.
We bought Louise in a shop in Greenville, SC spring of 08.  She is made of recycled materials.
Here our carpenter/contractor helps us adjust Birth Day Girl.  We bought her at a craft’s fair in the Georgia Dome on our very first trip back to SC in 1993.  I apologized to our contractor for requiring of him a task not befitting his professional status.  He said he had done worse.
In the above, one perhaps did not notice that Birthday Girl’s head–what with all she has on her mind–was beginning to bend at the neck.  Our carpenter fixed the problem with a piece of metal down her spine.  Above she looks straight ahead.
Look, ma, no knobs.
We got a new stove or maybe it’s called a "range."  The old stove was there when we moved in in 1993.  The oven was beyond cleaning.  The broiler half worked.  If you forgot and didn’t put whatever you were cooking under the element that worked…well…your stuff would come out half cooled.  Also occasionally the elements on the top would slip out of their sockets and I would stand there waiting for the butter to melt and couldn’t figure out why that wasn’t happening.
This stove or range scares me to death.  I am afraid I will scratch the ceramic top or go off and forget a pan on the heat and melt it right into the ceramic top.
We also got a new washer and dryer.  Both "electrolux" like the range.  This is supposed to be a quality product made in Denmark and utilizing no Chinese parts.  We heard from the electrician of a woman who had an electrolux dryer that lasted for 42 years. We weren’t going to buy these appliances until the contractor heard the noise coming from our dryer and said he was concerned it might catch on fire.
Clearly the dryer will outlast me.

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