Remodel 8: Window Treatments

I appreciate Cousin Lucy having congratulated us on our perseverance re: the remodel. The process was arduous. That is an understatement. And I should not say "was" because the process is not over. Just today the "window treatments" were concluded.

 Note the wierd treatment.  Yes, the treatment "gathers" both at the top and at the bottom.  So you can close them up from the floor or down from the top.  Closing them down from the top requires however that you first gather them up from the floor.  I don’t think I will ever figure these things out
Here is the treatment the other way around.  With the right side gathered down and the left side gathered in the middle.  And yes an observant person may have noted in the previous pic what appears to be a jacuzzi.  We bought it last year and I don’t think I have mentioned it because owning a jacuzzi is a violation of my self-concept.  Right now it isn’t working. So I feel free to mention it.

Here, just for kicks the treatment is gathered in the middle.  These are black out treatments and when you close them, the place gets really dark.  This would not be necessary in other parts of the world, but for legal reasons too complicated to go into here the condo complex is way over lit.

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