Attic Guys

I wake up at 6 AM hearing banging up over my head. I think something might be coming through the roof. But I forgot–it’s the guys. The attic guys. They were supposed to be up there last Friday; instead I figure they are here this Friday.

Over the last year the entire complex was replumbed with some plastic pipe from Germany. They ran the pipe through the attic because all the pipes in the slab had started to leak. Then strange things started happening. Some people reported they had to run the hot water five minutes or more before they could get hot water to come out. Then even more strangely, people reported they couldn’t get cold water to come out of the cold. The water was warm. One person reported the water in her toilet bowl was hot and that her bathroom felt like a jungle.

So the attic guys are back banging around right now over my head. I hear them mumbling.

To take care of the hot water coming out of the cold water spout, they are insulating all the pipes. Again, they say. But who knows if they ever did it all. Turns out when summer comes the attic gets really really hot and plastic pipe allows the water to warm up.

Seems like somebody might have thought of this possibility.

The attic guys have to start work at 6 AM because by noon it gets so hot they have to lay off. They look like miners. Their heads wrapped in bandanas which as well as helping with dripping sweat help to stabilize the miner’s lamp sticking out of the middle of their foreheads. It’s dark in the attic.

They are trying to take care of the hot water problem by resetting the system since, apparently, the whole thing is in some way computerized. God help us.

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