Remodel 9: Gender Issues

I suppose you can’t have a remodel without some kind of disaster. Carol and I return from somewhere–Home Depot, I would bet–and are told that in our absence the upstairs toilet overflowed. Who knows the culprit. That day maybe seven guys are working in the place. Thankfully, our contractor is on hand; he immediately cleans up the mess, rips up the recently installed carpet, pulls the pad, and drills holes in the kitchen roof, much to the displeasure of the painter guys who have just painted the roof, to make sure all the water drains.

What a drag! Larry, the plumber, who is a taciturn fellow, tells us the toilet is pretty much dead.. Sure, he could fix it, but with the cost of the parts and his time, we might as well buy a new one.

The worker guys engage in a debate over whether we should get a toilet with an elongated bowl or one more circular. The debate seems to involve some gender issues–the elongated bowl being apparently more masculine and the more circular one better suited to women. Beats me.

Back to Home Depot. I decide to pay no attention to the elongated versus circular issue. We want one that will most exactly fit the footprint of the old one so we will not have big problems when they come to tack down the carpet again.

We get a "WellWorth." by Kohler, said by Kohler, to be award winning for its bold design.

Beats me. A toilet is a toilet is a toilet.

I think "WellWorth" is a pretty good name for a toilet.

The thing flushes really well; I guess they have done more hydrological engineering or something, because this thing does it job with very little water.



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