Yudof Interview: Stand up or Send up?

The impression Mark Yadof, President of the UC system, makes in his interview with the NY Times is so down right bad, I thought it had to be a send up. A joke, from its inception through its rather poor execution. That at least was the only excuse I could find for it.

If that is not the case, then Yodof is a graduate of the Dick Cheney school of the flip quip, as in, you know, “stuff happens.”

Having decided to eschew any appearance of “depth” or “thoughtfulness,” Yodof appears a wise ass bent on the humiliation of his interviewer.

But the world is run by talking heads, and Yadof apparently wants to join that fatuous crowd.

In any case, he appears an embarrassment to himself and the system he represents.

Maybe he was hired for his PR skills.

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